Gin Tanqueray Dry 750ml


Tanqueray is a London Dry Gin created by Charles Tanqueray, which established the brand in England in 1830. Originally distilled in London, it is currently produced in the city of Fife, Scotland, on the premises of the Cameron Bridge distillery, which belongs to the DIAGEO group, owner of brand.

The cereal-based distillate is made with wheat and produced within the distillery itself, unlike most gin brands, which outsource this step. Four botanists are known in his recipe: juniper, angelica root, coriander seed and licorice. It is produced from a single distillation, then water is added to reach the volume of alcohol in the final product.

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The first and main aromas felt are coriander and juniper, in addition to the sweetness of licorice. On the palate, Tanqueray is oily and the flavors follow the aromas, with the coriander very present. It has a slight acidity, balanced with sweetness, which makes it a well balanced gin. The ideal service is in a Gin-Tonic, garnished with a lemon peel.


. Country - England
. Classification - Gin
. The basis of - Neutral alcohol and herbs, roots and spices.
. Alcohol content - 47.3% ABV
. Litration - 750ml