The Heritage Post n27 - Magazine


The Heritage Post Issue #27

The Heritage Post features a manifestation of everything within the scope of “heritage”. The magazine is a blend of vintage style and authentic, timeless products that span different lifestyle sub-categories. From the hand-drawn front cover to the considered breakdown of products, the publication oozes authenticity.

Showcasing everything from denim to leather works, interior design and fine timepieces, the lifestyle glossy focuses on brands with real narrative, passion, quality and detail. Throughout the beautifully curated pages of their first issue you will discover an elegant array of some of Japan’s most legendary denim brands like Momotaro, as well as some of America and Europe’s more contemporary brands like Mister Freedom and Northern Denim House.

Edition: n27 - September 2018
English language
Number of pages: 194
Size: 25 x 20 x 1 cm