Facial Soap - Antioxidant + Micro Exfoliating 45g


Hendrik Facial Soap is specially designed to absorb large amounts of skin toxins. Cleans, tones, softens and restores skin balance, evening the tone and attenuating pigmentation spots. Activated charcoal contains important minerals such as calcium, kallium, iron, manganese, and has a great capacity for absorption of dead cells, impurities and excess oils. Moringa oil, present in soap, has high antioxidant power, being able to slow the skin aging. Moringa seeds help exfoliate dead cells by regenerating the tissue.

. Activated Carbon - Eliminates toxins, dead cells and excess oil;
. Moringa Oil - Antioxidant power, capable of retarding aging .;
. Black Clay - Exfoliating and Cellular Renewer.

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