Gao Bracelet


Original bracelet from the Tuareg tribe - Made in Africa

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100% brass

Low relief engraving
100% handmade in Africa

Production Time: Prompt delivery
Information on 11 3562 3488 - Whatsapp 11 96666 4155

The Tuareg tribe has a mysterious meaning. Some say it derives from the Arabic language meaning “abandoned”. This can be related to the region they live in, in theory, a very inhospitable land and possibly hostile to human occupation. After all, the Sahara is the hottest desert in the world.

These last desert longs constituted, over the centuries, a people and much used trade route and the extreme points of the African continent, a so-called and famous “Trans-Saharan” trade route. Historically, the best routes have always been controlled by the Tuareg.
Another curiosity about Tuaregs is that they received the nickname “Pirates of the Desert”. This is because many of them, knowing these routes like the back of their hands, used to approach as caravans that crossed the Sahara, with the intention of stealing the products transported through the trade route.

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