Sine Bracelet


Original bracelet from the Woloof tribe of Senegal - Made in Africa

Copper and brass wires. 100% brass tip

100% handmade in Africa

Production Time: Prompt delivery
Information on 11 3562 3488 - Whatsapp 11 96666 4155

Originally from Senegal, the Wolof tribe has one of the most complex and ancient ethnic systems in Africa. Its first records took place in the 13th century and are directly linked to the Mali empire.

The Wolof were ruled by a caste system (traditional, hereditary or social stratification systems), which still exists today, albeit with less rigor. Nobles, peasants and bourgeois, artisans and slaves formed the social pyramid of this group. Therefore, it is the man who works in the fields while the woman dominates the housework. The Wolof nobility were nominally Muslim. But Islam failed to fully penetrate Wolof society until around the 19th century.

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