E - Gift Card U$ 38


Electronic gift card, perfect for any occasion. A gift card is a simple way to uncomplicate what should not be complicated.

** Where can I use: **
. On the site or in our physical store.

How ​​it works:
. When you click on "BUY", enter the email to whom you want to send the gift card in the "CARD MESSAGE" field.
. Within 24 hours, the recipient will receive an email with their personalized message and usage guidelines.
. Your balance never expires.

. Non refundable card.
. It is essential to submit the confirmation email at the time of purchase in our physical store.
. In case of online purchase, add the code before finalizing the purchase.
. Valid for the purchase of any Liberty Art Brothers product.
. The card has no expiration date.
. Attention: the card can not be used twice.
. Each code is valid for 01 purchase. In case of non-use of the full value of the present card, the remaining balance will remain as a credit in the consumer's CPF for a future purchase.
. You can complete the purchase amount with other forms of payment.

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